Toilet Installation or Repair

Most of us don’t think too much about our toilets, but if your toilet is leaking, not flushing right or constantly running it could be causing an increase in your water bill. Prolong the life of your toilet by keeping it in good condition. We can help if your toilets need repair or replacement.

Common Toilet Repair Services

Prolong the life of your toilet by keeping it in good condition. We can provide the following toilet repair services:

  • Toilet tank rebuilds
  • Wax seal replacements
  • Installation of new steel braid hoses

New Toilet Installation

If your toilet is old, a replacement or upgrade may be needed. A new toilet can give a bathroom an upgraded look, save water and be more comfortable. Priority 1 Plumbing and Drain Services can make recommendations for replacing or upgrading your toilet and give you improvements in function and style.

The most common type of toilet is a two-piece toilet. With these types of toilets, the water tank and the bowl are separate pieces. These toilets are durable and have a long life. Some options for a two-piece toilet are:

  • Elongated Toilet – oval in shape, many argue that this is the most comfortable option for adults.  These toilets are slightly longer than the round option so, are a little larger and may not be the best option for a small space.  Some brands of elongated toilets have a more forceful flush and are easier to clean than round front toilets.
  • Round Toilets – this traditional style of toilet is fits well into smaller spaces and is a little less expensive than the elongated toilets. However, this type of toilet may not be as comfortable as an elongated toilet, is more difficult to clean and may have a less forceful flush.
  • Comfort Height Toilets – where a standard toilet height is 15” from the ground, comfort height toilets are at the approximate height of a chair – 17” – 19”.  Many consumers prefer this height. Comfort height toilets are ADA compliant and can be easier for elderly or disabled folks to use. These toilets are available in round or elongated styles.

When you need toilet installation and repair, we can get the job done.

Toilet installation and repair

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. . . a leak was found under the sink. Priority 1 plumbing was able to send someone out the next day. Luis showed up on time, found that the leak was from a crack in the garbage disposal. Within an hour, he had completely replaced the disposal and we no longer have a leak. The price was reasonable and Luis was very nice.

Nick L, Ashburn, Virginia

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