Water Treatment

Is a water treatment system right for your home? If your water leaves rusty stains in your bathroom sink or in your toilet, if your hair and skin feel dry or itchy or you are experiencing clogs in your drains, you may have hard water and the answer is probably “yes.”

Hard water is caused by the minerals calcium and magnesium in ground and surface water. If one or both of these minerals is present in your water in high concentrations, the water is considered hard.

Free In-Home Water Test

Let our Water Treatment Specialist perform a free in-home water test for you to determine if you would benefit from a water treatment system to resolve the issue and, if so, which system would be right for your circumstance.

Do You Need Water Treatment?

Problems with your water are not limited to hardness. Use the infographic below to help identify other potential issues with your water. Our water treatment specialist can recommend the right system for your home.

Do you need water treatment? This infographic can help you decide.

Priority 1 Plumbing and Drain Services proudly installs Water Right® systems.

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We had a sewer backup problem, and Priority One Plumbing was very responsive in diagnosing our issue, recommending a solution, and correcting the issue. They are highly knowledgeable and skilled, and very trustworthy; they executed the work on time and on budget, while working around our availability. We highly recommend them!
Areg G. – McLean, Virginia

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