Well Pump Service and Repair

Many of us in Loudoun County and surrounding rural communities get water from private wells located on our properties. We offer well pump service and repair to keep your well running properly.

Getting our water straight from the ground without chlorine or other additives, or the hassle of a monthly water bill, is appealing to many.  In addition, many of us depend on wells to provide fresh clean water to our gardens, livestock and pets.

We Provide Well Pump Service and Repair

However, wells come with their own set of potential problems that can be addressed by our technicians including:

  • No water
  • Low water pressure
  • Water that smells or tastes badly
  • Hard water that leaves stains on fixtures or clogs drains

Our well pump service and repair fixes these and other problems associated with wells.

No Water – Schedule an appointment to have one of our experienced technicians come out to diagnose the reason your  well pump is not working.

Low Water Pressure -Low water pressure from your well pump can be caused by a variety of reasons. Low levels of water in your well, increased water usage or multiple draws on your water system at the same time can all cause low water pressure. You may want to consider a Constant Pressure System. These systems run at a variable speed depending on the amount of water being consumed. Your household gets constant pressure, no matter how many appliances are being used or how many showers are being taken.

Water that Tastes or Smells Bad – If your water that smells or tastes bad, leaves stains on your fixtures, or clogs your drains, you may need a water treatment system. Our Water Treatment page can help you determine if a water treatment system would be right for your home.

When you need well pump service and repair contact us. We’ll get the job done!


Priority One specializes in Well and Well-water issues. Matt tested our well system and quickly determined a defective well-pump. He gave a price for replacement and started/completed the project the same day. One major quality with Matt and Priority One: he reviewed/explained just what was needed…nothing more…a real consumer advantage. . .  If you’re looking for dependable, no-hard-sell plumbing company, call Priority One.
David C. – Lovettsville, Virginia

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